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For decades, we have been told the same redundant narrative about the infamous Utah ranch by the same sources for the same purpose and with the same results. As more information is made available and accordingly channeled with the intent of broad publication from various researchers in an international arena, we should compare and link this new information with the first-hand testimony of former BAASS personnel, that actually lived and studied on the Ranch during the AAWSAP years and beyond. It is important to read and understand the DIA/BAASS/AAWSAP solicitation contract, the KLAS "The human body as a read-out system" and the plentiful research blogs, to include the scientific thesis known as the 38 DIRDS.

It is critical to understand the TRUE motivations, agendas, and backgrounds of the financiers involved. It is only a matter of time until the potential sub-contractor companies to AAWSAP, and specifically the ranch are brought out into the open, along with the specific technology that was tested and applied to unsuspecting non-consenting human beings. 

The ranch narrative appears more and more to have been carefully crafted and form-fitted to already existing Native American lore in order to conceal and cloak testing events to most-likely include microwave technologies along with a slew of other advanced "so-called" non-lethal weapons systems.

It is fascinating that current spikes of "dangerously high levels" of radiation are now (allegedly) being detected on Skinwalker Ranch and disclosed as part of a scripted reality TV show for entertainment purposes. I am pretty sure that if this information is actually factual and not simply for generating ratings, that the former BAASS employees and the surrounding community may not find these facts very "entertaining".


If these radioactive readings are actually true, along with the alleged "life-threatening injuries incurred by current Adamantium employees, then why would it not trigger a work-place safety inspection by OSHA. Or, if in fact "dangerous levels of radiation" and alleged "life-threatening spikes" in microwave activity (the show aired on 18 MAY 2020); would that not be of concern to the Dept. of Energy (DOE)?


There clearly is no in-between. Either the show is correct in its statements and thus should be "paused" until these harmful events can be properly investigated and made safe for human presence, or it is simply a gimmick to keep the tales alive, increase viewership, and lastly garner profit.

I encourage all of you to follow, aide, and discover what is being brought forth by a multitude of individual and unbiased researchers and scientists.

I urge you to form your own theories and plausible explanations instead of blindly consuming what is put before you by people with agendas.


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excerpt from the Elaine Douglas files 


There are numerous statements by former BAASS ranch employees attesting to MRI and urine testing during their tenure on SWR. These tests were requested by the BAASS Admin and it was covertly underlined that failure in participation may lead to dismissal from the project. NIDS scientist, Dr. Eric Davis, later stated the MRI's were part of the pre-employment screening even though, they were done up to a year and a half after the employment starting date. Of all BAASS employees, only five are known to have undergone the procedure. And what else may have been tested?

"It seemed to me that somebody was highly interested in using the ranch to promote UFO mythology for whatever reason. 

I don't know the motivation behind it but, between Bigelow trying to convince the former owners that something was going on and trying to draw

this Bob Lazar angle into it, it leads me to believe this was just one,

big disinformation campaign". 

James Carrion - former International Director of MUFON

 "I think there are two things going on, there's a genuine mysterious phenomenon

and then there are those people who are mimicking that phenomenon

for their own ends".

"The whole idea of the CIA or intelligence agencies using the paranormal as a cover for their own ends, well, they have a tradition of doing that".


Robert Guffey  - Author of "Chameleo"

"At the location, we have multiple events and multiple things. Now we've had to add a whole new column in regards to, you know, it's coming out that people were being used as guinea pigs without their consent". 

James Keenan

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Friday, January 31, 2020

AAWSAP and Skinwalker ranch - Kit Green makes a statement

Keith Basterfield:

Have you any comment on the Marx/Bartel hypothesis that they were perhaps exposed to some kind of non-lethal weapons testing? If so, what is your comment?

Dr. Kit Green:

"Your article and comments by Mr. Marx and Mr. Bartel are really a very nice summary. I have no additional comments because I have no important disagreements with what you and they had said.

The reference to the fatality rate does not include any persons from the Ranch...but is a different and primarily military population. That earlier group has been discussed somewhat in books as you mentioned, and I have no further insight.

I am attempting to write a clinical case study of several of the more interesting cases, that touch on the issues of "non-lethal" weapons. I am baffled. I am certain that no injuries I have encountered in referred cases...or others for that matter, require paranormal or "off-world" technologies to have caused harm."


the excerpt is taken from Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Research


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