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UFO Classified is a listener supported radio show that provides an essential value by educating the public on the history, research and personal impact of the UFO phenomenon. 



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Tim Beckley has had so many careers that even his own girlfriend doesn't know what he does for a living...
Timothy Green Beckley has been described as the Hunter Thompson of UFOlogy by the editor of UFO magazine Nancy Birnes. 
Since an early age, his life has more or less revolved around the paranormal. At the age of three, his life was saved by an invisible force. The house he was raised in was thought to be haunted. His grandfather saw a headless horseman.  Beckley also underwent out of body experiences starting at age six.
And saw his first of three UFOs when he was but ten and has had two more sightings since - including an attempt to communicate with one of these objects.
Tim grew up listening to the only all-night talk show in the country that revolved around the strange and unexplained. Long John Nebel's guests included the early UFO contactees who claimed to have visited other planets and built time machines in the desert. Tim was fascinated by everything that went bump in the night - or even in the daylight for that matter. Years later, Tim was to appear on Long John's show numerous times and over the years has been a frequent guest on hundreds of programs that have come and gone just like ghosts in the night. He is a popular guest on Coast to Coast AM. Has appeared on William Shatner's Weird Or What? And an episode of UFO Hunters regarding the dreaded Men In Black. He has his own podcast, Unraveling The Secrets and MR UFOs Secret Files, a new YouTube channel. 
Tim started his career as a writer early on - at age 14 he purchased a mimeograph machine and began to publish the Interplanetary News Service Report. Over the years he has written over 25 books on everything from rock music to the secret MJ12 papers. He has been a stringer for the national tabloids such as the Enquirer and editor of over 30 different magazines (most of which never lasted more than a couple of issues). His longest-running effort was the newsstand publication UFO UNIVERSE which went for 11 years. Today he is the president of Inner Light/Global Communications and editor of the Conspiracy Journal and Bizarre Bazaar.



Over the years, Erica Lukes has acquired a large collection of periodicals, books, and research dating back to 1947.  She is not only committed to preserving and archiving the history of the subject but ensuring the work of many dedicated men and women will be carried on. 

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Erica Lukes started UFO Classified because she felt the need to impart factual information about the UFO phenomenon and the government cover-up. She is not afraid to tackle difficult issues in attempts to shine a light on the corruption that plagues the field of "UFOlogy". 






Getting Started with Astronomy

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Erica Lukes is re-writing the history of the world's most "paranormal" hotspot. Listen to her ground-breaking interviews with key eyewitnesses, BAASS investigators, and NIDS scientists. 



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