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Erica Lukes started UFO Classified because she felt the need to impart factual information about the UFO phenomenon and the government cover-up. She is not afraid to tackle difficult issues in attempts to shine a light on the corruption that plagues the field of "UFOlogy". 






UFO Classified is a listener supported radio show that provides an essential value by educating the public on the history, research and personal impact of the UFO phenomenon. 



This is in response to the article “Inside the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program” written by Tim McMillian and published Popular Mechanics on February 14, 2020. 

[All following paragraphs in black are excerpts from Tim Mc Millan “Inside the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program, February 14, 2020.

All red-colored comments are by Erica Lukes



As I sit in a small cafe in the shadow of the ancient Roman gates in Trier, Germany, talking to a person whose credibility seems beyond reproach, but who will only agree to talk to me if provide absolute assurances of anonymity, I can’t help but feel like I’m trapped in a Dan Brown novel. The Da Vinci Code, however, never dealt with unidentified flying objects. 

“Was it about UFOs? Of course,” this person whispers with a grin of melodrama.


Tim, you met with Chris and me in Trier at a small café on December 19, 2019, for several hours. During that meeting, you proposed several theories as they pertain to Skinwalker Ranch, AAWSAP and human experimentation (“non-lethal” weapons). As a matter of fact, you asked us to meet with you in order to exchange information regarding different technologies that you believe may have been tested, and the possible effects on the human brain & tissue.

And did you not tell us, that another reason you wanted to meet with us, was because Dr. Kit Green reached out to you regarding AAWSAP.

It was supposedly all pertaining to MRI’s and Chris’s possible medical conditions arising from his six years of BAASS employment on Skinwalker Ranch.

This meeting was never “secret”, we did not ask for anonymity, nor did Chris ever say (quote): “Was it about UFOs? Of course”, as we all very much suspect that this entire BAASS/DIA/AAWSAP saga never had anything to do with UFO or UAP period, contrary to your current position.

And it certainly was not a Dan Brown novel that we shared.

* I was contacted by Tim McMillian after this rebuttal was published. He claims that the meeting that took place in Trier, Germany that he referenced in his article was not, in fact, the meeting with Chris and myself. He has stated that the meeting was with an "anonymous" individual and it took place in January 2020.



On December 16, 2017, the New York Times disclosed that the Pentagon had secretly funded research into UFOs through the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP. As if the U.S. government quietly investigating UFOs wasn’t enough, for the first time, the public also got a chance to see three videos captured by the U.S. Navy showing what has been claimed to be “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” or UAP.

To muddle matters more, a revolving door of Pentagon spokespeople have successfully issued waves of contradictory statements about what the Department of Defense (DoD) did or didn’t do when it came to studying UFOs.

Tim, I am sure you may be familiar with the following excerpt from Keith Basterfield’s blog from January 30, 2020, it shines a light onto “muddled waters”:


Tim, I am sure you may be familiar with the following excerpt from Keith Basterfield’s blog from January 30, 2020, it shines a light onto “muddled waters”, to include excerpts from the original DIA/BAASS Solicitation Contract.

How do we know that the DIA was even interested in Skinwalker ranch?

The NYT article of 16 December 2017, in part, read:


"In 2007, Mr. Reid said in the interview, Mr. Bigelow told him that an official with the Defense Intelligence Agency had approached him wanting to visit Mr. Bigelow's ranch in Utah, where he conducted research."

2. The New York Magazine, on 19 March 2018, cited Senator Harry Reid as being approached by Robert Bigelow, saying that he had received a letter from a federal national security agency employee who wanted to visit Bigelow's Utah ranch."


3. Chris J Marx, in an interview (Episode 46) on the Black Vault Internet radio show, stated that while at the ranch, he was aware that the studies there were sponsored by the US government, and that one copy of the daily ranch report went to the Pentagon. It was only in late 2019 that Marx became aware of the DIA's Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP,) and that therefore the ranch sponsor was the DIA.


4. During a late 2019 conversation with another former BAASS employee - a physicist- Marx states that the physicist was aware that a senior DIA employee, one Jame Lacatski "...was observed to be actually on the ranch." This was believed to be sometime in 2007/2008.


5. The 2008 DIA AAWSAP solicitation paperwork, located by this author on the Internet, shows that the DIA AAWSAP manager was one James T Lacatski.


In short, it can be demonstrated that at least one senior individual in the DIA was interested in the ranch.

For another example, documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who produced a recent documentary on the ranch, appeared on the Internet radio show "Phenomenon Radio" hosted by Linda Moulton Howe and John Burroughs. 

In the episode aired September 27, 2018, in part, Corbell stated:


"The New York Times absolutely got in wrong with their announcement in December of 2017. It may be not their fault, but I want to clarify that, the primary reason for the $22M allocated to what we have been told was to AATIP, which is not correct...The $22M was allocated because of, and primarily for, the study of Skinwalker ranch by the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Defense Warning Office in the name of AAWSAP."





(Popular Mechanics) 

Photograph of page 17 of the BAASS Ten-Month Report.


In past interviews, Reid has indicated the interested parties at the DIA felt it prudent to avoid any language that might cause someone to realize the underlying focus of the AATIP program was UFOs. According to Reid, a representative with the DIA told him, “What I will do is prepare something for you that anyone can look at it that wants to, it’s strictly science.”


Reading the solicitation contract in all its detail, this hardly seems a cover-up for chasing after UFOs. Rather, it goes hand in hand with the later (not) published AAWSAP medical report and Caudate Putamen research.

Terra Obscura


The evidence collected here overwhelmingly suggests the government was indeed studying UFOs and not, as the Pentagon has said, “investigating foreign advanced aerospace weapons system applications with future technology projections over the next 40 years, and to create a center of expertise on advanced aerospace technologies.”


 Mention of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah as a “possible laboratory for studying other intelligences and possible interdimensional phenomena.”


Mind you that Chris Marx stated several times that there was no research equipment on the Ranch, aside from an old NVG, a (sometimes working) old thermal imaging device and a non-working EMF meter.

There were no cameras anywhere on the Ranch, aside 2AA battery-powered ones with a fake blinking red light that Chris ordered off AMAZON to create the illusion of “security”.

During his six years up there, only one scientist showed up briefly to conduct some EMF testing at Homestead 2.

The wi-fi at the trailer was “pirated” from the caretakers, the old laptop computer had no decoding and all reports were faxed via public phone lines on an ancient dial-up fax machine.



Some have suggested the “paranormal” events associated with Skinwalker Ranch or AAWSAP could be associated with secret and highly advanced weapons testing. While Bartel says it’s possible weapons were being tested, nothing he observed was consistent with his experiences of top-secret testing.


When you mentioned Chris Bartel’s prior experience with top-secret weapons testing, what exactly are you referring to? Could you please clarify your statement, as Chris described a different "story" to me on the phone following the release of your article, and was not in agreeance in the way he was quoted. There is also plenty of reference material on his prior interviews on my radio show "UFO Classified" on KCOR.

UFO Classified | Chris Bartel

UFO Classified | Chris Marx and Chris Bartel

Here are a few resources about non-lethal weapons that were specifically mentioned in the DIA’s solicitation contract.

Here are a few resources about non-lethal weapons that were specifically mentioned in the solicitation contract.


Here is an excerpt  from Jeremy Corbell’s blog, “Hunt the Skinwalker” from Septemeber 2, 2017 

The EG&G Operative


“In August 2001 Ranch investigators were introduced to a retired Marine Corps Special Forces individual who had worked on multiple projects for several different contractors including one for Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier (EG&G) Special Projects Division. At the time EG&G was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Carlyle Group.”

“The Special Forces operative was careful not to reveal sources and methods but over several hours of questions and answers did confirm that one of the projects he had worked on was testing advanced technology “toys”, including non-lethal weapons, at several locations in the Uinta Basin. He confirmed that some of the advanced technology test projects were targeted to multiple areas around Skinwalker Ranch. Some of the units operated out of Hill Air Force Base, located about 150 miles west of Skinwalker Ranch, other units came from elsewhere. In spite of multiple attempts to obtain additional sources, Ranch investigators were never able to robustly corroborate the story told by the retired Marine.”



“While the DIA refers to the paper as “Field Effects on Biological Tissue,” the original title for the submitted paper appears to actually have been “Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues.” According to the study’s introduction, the paper is an examination of “clinical medical signs and symptoms and biophysics of injury known and expected from near-field (mostly ultra-high), NIEMR Microwave, Thermal, from unintended exposure to anomalous systems.”


Would that possibly the (quote By Dr. Eric Davis) BAASS “pre-employment” MRI’s in Reno that both, Marx and Bartel, were forced to undergo August 5, 2011?

Again, the BAASS/DIA medical report does give ample explanation. I am sure that Popular Mechanics would be able to retrieve a copy through “sources”, to whom you freely refer to in your article on several occasions.


In light of the cumbersome clinical language, just a cursory scan reveals the entire focus was on examining injuries that may have occurred after contact with UFOs or UAP. In fact, the very term “UFO” appears 16 times in the report; the word “anomalous” is used 27 times (most often with the word “aircraft,” “aviation,” or “aerospace” immediately following); and the phrase “Advanced Aerospace Systems Applications Program” is mentioned in bold on four occasions.


Green confirms his paper wasn’t cited correctly in the letter to Congress, however, he says the 54-page document Popular Mechanics obtained appeared to be the same paper he was requested to provide as a product of AAWSAP.


“This focused on forensically assessing accounts of injuries that could have resulted from claimed encounters with UAP,” says Green. “I didn’t work for BAASS, other than as a contractor for my paper, and I wasn’t a part of AAWSAP. However, it is my understanding this program was a UFO study that outwardly was not supposed to look like it had anything to do with UFOs.”


I will let Dr. Green take a different approach to this (Keith Basterfield January 13, 2020):


As to who Green’s patients are, Banias writes “…special forces, intelligence officers, private government contractors, high-level aerospace company employees, and military officers…”

Interestingly, from the perspective of this article, on page 86 Banias cites Green:

“He disclosed that about a dozen or so of his patients were injured on or near the infamous ranch in Utah, nicknamed Skinwalker Ranch.” 



The Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program was a contract given to BAASS in September 2008 by the US Government’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to undertake certain work. Specifically, to “…understand the physics and engineering…as they apply to the foreign threat out to the far term…” Technical studies were undertaken on 12 specified areas of interest, including “10. Human effects.” An FOIA request by Dr. Steven Aftergood, had the DIA provide a list of the titles and authors of 38 such technical study papers. On that list was a paper by Dr. Kit Green titled “Field Effects on Biological Tissues.” This paper is not publicly available.


“After an OSD/DIA review in late 2009, it was determined the reports were of limited value to DIA and there was a recommendation that upon completion of the contract the project could be transited to an agency or component better suited to oversee it.


Funding for the program at the DIA ended in 2012 and DoD elected not to continue the program after the work contracted under the FY2010 NDAA was completed.”

Indeed, every source Popular Mechanics spoke to for this story agrees the partnership between BAASS and AAWSAP had concluded by 2012.

But here’s where things get messy: Gough says when DIA funding dried up in 2012, the overarching AATIP program closed up shop as well. Every source we spoke to, however, says not only did AATIP not end in 2012, but the program is still ongoing to this day.

“Every source we spoke to”? Who and how many? And where is still the program still being applied? It is a bold statement when there is zero documentation offered.


Popular Mechanics has learned the post-BAASS era of AATIP was an even more closely guarded program and consistent with how highly classified intelligence projects are conducted.



Meanwhile, William Culbreth, an engineering professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas who authored two of the 38 technical papers provided in the AAWSAP contract, offers a different opinion. He says he was unaware of the UFO background of AAWSAP, but very familiar with BAASS’s UFO interest. 

I am confused. You stated earlier that BAASS’ AAWSAP was a supporting program to AATIP, which was supposedly a UFO/UAP research project. So, then, what was AAWSAP after all?

And what about the KLAS Report from May 4, 2018 “Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS”?



“The BAASS approach was to view the human body as a readout system for UFO effects by utilizing forensic technology, the tools of immunology, cell biology, genomics and neuroanatomy for in-depth study of the effects of UFOs on humans. This approach marked a dramatic shift away from the traditional norms of relying on eyewitness testimony as to the central evidentiary arm in UFO investigations. The approach aimed to bypass UFO deception and manipulation of human perception by utilizing molecular forensics to decipher the biological consequences of the phenomenon.”

After reading hundreds of pages of Ranch reports by over a dozen authors and spanning several years to include the AAWSAP years (2007-2012), and beyond. Even interviewing Marx and several other former BAASS employees, it appears that none had actual UFO sightings. 

So, what was then studied, and what caused changes to the human body that could be utilized as a “readout system?

While he faces considerable angst for trying to debunk UFOs, West says he’d be as thrilled as anyone else if he was able to actually come across something that was truly unexplainable and unknown. “There are no hard feelings,” he says. “I understand people are passionate—especially experiencers.”


Only that were no reported “experiencers” of UFOs at the Skinwalker Ranch that we know of. Many things that were, at the time, unexplainable. But there are more and more explanations offered and sadly, none of them appear to be extraterrestrial. 


I can’t overcome the feeling that this report tries very hard to promote the idea of Government’s BAASS UFO research by ruling out “Some”, that have arrived at different findings. Many “facts” and opinions are based on “sources” or “Popular Mechanics has learned”.

It simply leaves the reader with a lot of unanswered questions and makes one wonder what the true objective of this report really is?

 Mention of BAASS program dubbed “Project Northern Tier,” which involved securing documents related to instances where dozens of UFOs flew over restricted airspaces of facilities housing nuclear weapons.


In BAASS’s ten-month report written in 2009, it is evident that the material quoted within your article, may in fact be information obtained from another researchers' work, and then included as “original” by BAASS’s “Operation Northern Tier” program reports.


The material you specifically referenced was first published by Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett in 1984 in their groundbreaking book, "Clear Intent”.


(Clear Intent) 27

Clear Intent (28)

I can’t overcome the feeling that this report tries very hard to promote the idea of Government’s BAASS UFO research by ruling out “Some”, that have arrived at different findings. Many “facts” and opinions are based on “sources” or “Popular Mechanics has learned”.

It simply leaves the educated reader with a lot of unanswered topics and begs the question of what the true objective of this report really is, aside from being “Inside the Pentagon’s secret UFO program”?

There are serious implications now put forward by the aforementioned documentation and classified documents not listed here, that BAASS subjected military veterans employed directly on the Ranch, as well as the surrounding community, to various sorts of radiation and other by-product pollution through the AAWSAP Program. If proven beyond doubt, this might just become the biggest cover-up and human rights violation within the "so-called" UFO narrative and in the history of the United States. In the end, the truth will prevail!




UFOlogist, Tom Conwell, has been an Electronic Technician with the US Navy and Honeywell, Inc. for 42 years, a Honeywell Temperature Control and Fire Alarm Software Specialist, Biomedical Engineer, a Metrologist and HVAC Engineering resource. Tom has a wide-ranging expertise with a keen awareness of physics and broad knowledge of electronics. Tom remains a vital scientific resource on Extreme Paranormal Encounter Response Team and embraces the wealth of information and theories that embody the title of UFOlogist. Over the past six years, Tom has written an extensive collection of blogs based on aspects of UFOlogy, has studied and researched UFO sighting reports from the entire US. Tom talks about any or all of these subjects. Tom has also been on numerous radio programs across the US, has published three books 

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Over the years, Erica Lukes has acquired a large collection of periodicals, books, and research dating back to 1947.  She is not only committed to preserving and archiving the history of the subject but ensuring the work of many dedicated men and women will be carried on. 

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